I’m JoAn. Born in 1959. Studied Math, Computer Science, and Engineering Management. Worked until 2019 when I retired with some big plans. Interests include birding, photography, cooking, and Italian wine. I hope that you enjoy reading about my next adventure…

JoAn, June 2022

You can reach me via email or on Facebook

4 thoughts on “About

  1. JoAn. Great to read your blog and adventure to move to Lucca. We are also here in lucca and when we flew out on from Boston on 2/26 we never envisioned what was about to happen throughout Italy and the world. Until today we have ridden the wall and not too restricted. We will take a short walk around outside later this afternoon…..at least the block our apartment is on. …..via del Castellaccio 2. At some point before we return to Maine on May 5 hopefully we can meet. We come annually and find lucca he perfect place to stay. Ciao.

    • Yes, Lucca is normally such a bustling town. From our apartment on Via Fillungo, we can see the walls. No one walking dogs, running or anything else today. I do hope that we could meet others before your departure.

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