Dreams don’t work unless you do.

I describe our plans to people and I see the excited/envious/wondrous look in their eyes. And I think of all of the mundane tasks that I am doing every day. This disconnect is succinctly described by John C. Maxwell as “Dreams don’t work unless you do”.

August has been spent working simultaneously on:

  • Preparing the house for the market. Target date: early September. Repairing, cleaning, painting, staging.
  • Downsizing A LOT. We plan to each take two suitcases to Italy when we move and we’ll be renting a 10’x10’ A/C storage unit in Florida for our sentimental items. Everything else is being sold, given away, donated, or thrown away.
  • Moving my sister to Ohio. Mickey, her dog, her fish and her Harley left on August 19th. Her first pod left our house on August 21st. Second pod with furniture will be after our house sells.
  • Preparing my son’s house to store our wine. Ceramic tile installed. Wine cellar ordered and is being shipped across the country. After delivery, Derek will drive the wine down in a cargo van.

So, no cool pictures with this posting. But the house will be ready for the market soon. Pictures will be taken on September 4th.

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