House is on the market! When will it sell???

Our house went on the market on September 9th. Check out the listing here: (Views and saves help!)

We’ve had two open houses, more than a dozen private showings, and lots of questions from interested buyers. We almost had one offer, but they had a concern that we couldn’t address. And now we are waiting/hoping/praying for the offer – the one that we are going to take!

Our house is 90% ready for the next step. We still have some stuff in the basement to go through. Once we got it to be “presentable” we took a much needed break. Now we are just procrastinating!

My life currently revolves around text message with requests for showings. I quickly confirm the time and get busy on prep for the showing. Turn on all the lights; most rooms have 3 lights; the master bath has 5! Clean up the kitchen. Make the bed and clean up our bathroom. Sweep the patio. Out the door at least 30 minutes before scheduled showing. Then I run any errands, take walks, or get something to eat. My realtor warned me not to stay nearby. No worries… I have a few neighbors who always seem to have a bit of news for me after the showing. 🙂

I hope that my next post is called “We sold our house!”

One thought on “House is on the market! When will it sell???

  1. Best wishes and hang in there. Ours took 2 mos for the 2nd and final offer. Justin just sold his house yesterday in Seattle in 4 days above list price…location, location, location. But your beautiful home will sell!! Come visit…

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